MS Excel: Vlookup

One of the most common used and very useful function in MS Excel is Vlookup function.

Lets look at some small example

Here we have data with number of passengers carried by air transport in 2016 by a few countries in Europe.

And we have second table with same data just from 2015.

Our target is to have all data in the same table. So let’s write our vlookup formula.

Drag this formula down and you will Vlookup your data.

As you can see, Vlookup function contains of three variables

vlookup(value you want to match, range you are for value based on first criteria, column in the range you are looking for value, exact match or approximate match).

In my example I was looking for United Kingdom (A2) in the range G2:H11 and i needed value from the second column in that range. Also I was looking exactly United Kingdom and that’s why I chose FALSE as fourth criteria.

So be creative and stay smart and you will be able to write more and more great formulas.

By the way I was using data from which is great place to find some interesting statistics.


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